About The Peg Board
I first opened The Peg Board as a storefront in my then home town of Grosse Ile, Michigan. My love of homes and buildings lead me to make Home Portraits my specialty. Using a technique I learned in college, I do my  drawings with a ballpoint pen.  This affords me the ability to do detailed drawings with subtle shadowing  similar to that of a pencil drawing

As a self-taught calligrapher, I  began addressing wedding invitations.  To compliment this service, I added wedding invitations to my business. Soon, combining both my calligraphy and drawing talent I  began to do my own
Custom Wedding Invitations.

I next began to do
Custom Boat Portraits for
a "nautical" theme store in nearby Wyandotte.  This proved to be a favorite gift for Father's Day Christmas and Anniversaries. Having my own store was fun, I was able to take my granddaughter to work with me so I could baby sit. I had a crib and play room all set up in the back of the store. I met many wonderful people
and made a lot of new friends.
Among my best sellers were my Wedding/Anniversary Certificates and Baby Certificates.  These are personal affordable gifts that are definitely "keepers"

In  1999 I closed the store and went to work full time as the advertising manager for our home town newspaper. It was a great opportunity and  time for a change.

In 2002 my husband retired and it seems like "overnight" we moved "up-north". We built a large garage and I finished off the upstairs as a studio for me. This is where I do my work now.
After we moved into our new home, the cinder block foundation began to wear on my nerves. I found it extremely unattractive. This is when I came up with my "faux brick" technique. Looks better doesn't it? 
Next I started painting on walls. I guess you could say I started back when I opened my store as I painted large flowers on the walls there. But now I take it seriously, however most of my work can be viewed on the walls of my grandchildren.
As you can see, I enjoy what I do and continually try new things. I enjoy the people I have met doing my craft and feel blessed to have been apart of their gift giving.  A little bit of me goes into each project I do

Thank you for visiting my website and let me know if there is something I can do for you.

In 2007 I added printing to what I do at home. I love designing brochures and doing business cards for my clients.
One of my favorite things is doing Graduation Open House Postcards. Quite popular in this area, I try and make each card unique to the graduate. 
In 2009 I began drawing Classic Cars and Motorcycles. These have become an extremely popular gift for the men...those HARD to buy for men! Give them a gift of their "baby" (turns them into mush!